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How does NameBoy work?

NameBoy is the only online naming tool that makes use of all four aspects of natural language variation, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics. NameBoy creates name variations from the sound and meaning of the keyword, builds new words with an extensive affix set, and builds grammatical meaningful phrases based on up-to-the-minute trends in word usage.

The NameBoy Engine: six seamless modules
NameBoy Intelligent Search is a sophisticated synergy of six distinct technologies, reflecting current research in natural language processing. The components work together quickly, building and ordering the list of results you see on each page of NameBoy results.

1 - NameBoy SmartParser
2 - NameBoy Phonology (sound-based variations)
3 - NameBoy Morphology-Affix and Compounding Engine
4 - NameBoy Syntagtm (builds grammatical phrases)
5 - NameBoy Semantics (synonym based variations)
6 - NameBoy Optimal result ranking

1. NameBoy Smart Parser
Each NameBoy search begins when a user enters one or more keywords in a search form. The Parser breaks up keywords into component words and units. These results are passed to the other components, so they can produce the most, and best results. NameBoy not only parses non-English strings and extra characters, it also recognizes and suggests a large number of common abbreviations and shortenings (including 'wap,' 'dvd,' 'ez,' etc. Once the query is parsed the component terms are simultaneously passed to each of the following four components, results are then united in the ranked output. The process is smart, seamless, and fast.

2. NameBoy Phonology
NameBoy's Phonology engine generates similar sounding, alternate spelling, and shortened and concatenated results. The phonology is also keyed to a complete set of homonyms-sound-alike English words. The phonology engine also generates a phonetic profile of the query, which is passed to the morphology affix engine to select appropriate affixes. The phonology engine also checks results generated by the other two engines, applying a limited set of discourse-derived rules to final products.

3. Morphology
The Morphology engine is composed of three types of logic, the inflection engine, the affix engine and the intelligent compounding engine. The inflection engine finds other forms of the words you've entered, plurals of nouns, conjugations of verbs, etc. The affix engine combines input words and a vast of internet-specific affixes following the rules of English. Afiix-based results for "toys" include "" and "" The NameBoy affix set is unparalleled in size and breadth. Choose from the array of affixes by selecting a "site type" on the advanced search page. The compounding engine builds new words from two or more key words, mimicking the way natural language builds new words over time. For example, 'business solutions' becomes "," and "alphabet soup" becomes ""

4. NameBoy Syntax/SyntagTM
NameBoy's syntactic functionality, named Syntag, generates natural two-word English phrases. Syntag generated phrases are syntactically correct (they sound like good English) and reflect the most popular up-to-the minute usage of the entered word. For example, on Dec. 5th 2000, 4.0's launch date, "Florida" returned "," in addition to ""

5. NameBoy Semantics
NameBoy Semantics governs two areas of functionality: synonym substitution and "MoreLikeThis" affix connotation brainstorming. NameBoy synonym substitution find terms with similar meaning to the keywords you enter. If you entered more than one keyword, NameBoy builds phrases from synonyms, words with very similar meanings to the keywords you entered. If you like one of these results, but it's taken, try clicking on it for "MoreLikeThis" results. NameBoy knows that commonly used words are the most valuable, so slang and words with special meaning on the internet are included in the vast Semantics database, and meanings are constantly updated. NameBoy is too smart to think you mean 'loose fabric' or 'spider's handiwork' when you enter 'web.' NameBoy knows that 'PPP' is a word, how it's used, and what it means. NameBoy recognizes place names, area codes, and common abbreviations, too. NameBoy's "MoreLikeThis" interface makes brainstorming domain names on NameBoy easy. Just click directly on a name you like, even if it's taken. NameBoy will build a new search directed by the settings that created that name.

6. NameBoy Optimal Output Ranking
NameBoy's four generative components produce a very large number of attractive results. Once all of these results are generated, NameBoy Optimal Output ranking orders them by approximate appraisal value and a number of proprietary algorithms. The most valuable names, and those closest to the word you entered, bubble to the top of your list. NameBoy Optimal Output Ranking technology is based on Optimality Theory, a cutting edge theory of grammaticality and language generation. A number of factors, both generally applicable to English words and phrases and domain-name specific contribute to the final ranking of each individual output.

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